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BGMI: How to Become a Pro at the Game

BGMI has several game modes with maps like classic Erangel, TDM, Versus AI and so on, but there is a greater purpose at play that dictates the existence of all these modes & that is: Getting more chicken dinners.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips that will (hopefully) make you better at the game, and if not, for the best case unleash the professional in you.

  • Feeding the goat before having it for dinner

The first step is to cater to your brain before you begin a game. No one gets up in the morning to jump into a marathon immediately. The same goes here, always hop into a TDM or training ground where the stakes are low, to get warmed up. This helps you feel the gameplay, sets the tone for the matches and helps you be agile.

  • Expert Cartography 

The game is half won, when you set yourself up for success by analysing the map thoroughly. Have a plan in mind, know the map well enough to understand where to land. Look at the crowd, be wise and take a call, rather than cold landing and then die holding 10 first aid kits in your hands.

Mazy Hints at a Potential BGMI Tier-1 Team List by Krafton
  • Gun em down

Choose your weapons wisely since various kinds of guns exist in the game. They’re mainly – Meeles, Crossbows, Pistols, SMGs (Sub Machine Guns), LMGs (Light Machine Guns), SG (Shot Guns), AR (Assault Rifles), SR (Sniper Rifles), DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles). You can go Rambo and play the pan only challenge or like a sensible person try and get your hands on an AR & sniper combo, slowly transitioning into an AR / LMG combo in the later stage of the game, where the circle gets smaller. 

  • Please make some friends (WE’RE NOT KIDDING) 

We don’t judge you, Mr. Sigma male Lone wolf. But BGMI at the end of the game is a team game and playing in squads drastically helps with support and survival in the game, meaning play like a team & look out for your teammates when needed. 

  • Go outside and maybe touch some grass

By this, what we mean is don’t be the overexcited player who wants to rush and kill everything in their way. Play the game whilst keeping digital wellbeing in mind and remember that the “key” to winning a match is taking breaks once in a while and remembering to be patient when it comes to engaging. Take cover, be patient and choose your battles wisely. 

And yeah, about the grass bit, seriously guys. Go outside. Take a walk once in a while because your backs look like croissants. 
Jokes aside, try and follow these practices for getting some Chicken dinners back to back and keep pushing your rank to then flex it on your instagram bio! And while you’re at it don’t forget to give us a like and follow on our page.

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