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How to Improve Your Team in BGMI?

BGMI is a team game and it is very important that a roster needs to understand the essential things that make or break the game.

Cooperation and coexistence are two of the most important and underrated skills that often get shadowed when one looks to improve their gameplay in BGMI. Here are five pointers that you can work on to carry your team to victory.


Communication is a key factor in multiplayer games such as BGMI. You need to keep your voice chat on and tell others to do so. Having a good communication line is half battle won. 

Positive reinforcement

One should not be blamed for making small mistakes in-game. Players often tend to lose their temper when their teammate makes mistakes in a heated game. 

Clear goals

Prioritizing a common goal is very necessary as multiple decisions can lead up to a messier situation.


One player should act as a leader and guide others towards the commonly prioritised goal. A team without leadership does not have anyone to rely on.


Even though one should not be blamed for bad actions, one should be held accountable. Rectifying mistakes is a small step towards making progress in the long run.

If a team focuses on these pointers, they can bolster their play style and become the best BGMI team and continue to improve on their solo plays as well as their team efforts.

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