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Why is Jonathan the best BGMI player in India

Any mobile gamer in India knows who Jonathan is as he is the biggest BGMI pro player in India. Jonathan has gained a name for himself for his notorious plays and insane clutches that gave him the title of “hacker” in Indian servers.

Here are the top six traits that make Jonathan the best BGMI player in India.

  • Insane Aim: Jonathan is one of the best talents India has ever produced in terms of raw mechanism. Before getting fame, Jonathan was termed as a hacker by many because no one could imagine such a precise aim by a budding player while PUBG Mobile was still in its early stages of building an esports ecosystem in India. Jonathan is a regular name seen on kill leaderboards when Team GodLike plays in any tournament.
  • Controlled Aggression: Jonathan has been playing on the front foot before the meta of aggressive gameplay reached India. Jonathan and company were considered the most dominating team in India because no other roster could manage to stand against them when the entire team was firing with their weaponry. Amidst this, Jonathan attacks players head-on but also knows when to stop as overly aggressive push can sometimes lead to the decimation of teams.
  • Team Backup: Jonathan has emerged as a star because he has an incredible team to back him up. The current GodLike roster of Neyoo, Clutchgod, ZGod, and Jonathan has not changed in the last two years despite changing organizations. Jonathan now has a habit to play with this team and this flourishes his performance even more. Despite going into a slump phase, Jonathan has stuck with his team.
  • Positive Mindset: No fan has ever seen Jonathan go into an uncontrolled aggressive state or in a sad state due to his performance. Jonathan is always smiling and aiming to make a comeback if the team loses and celebrates when they win. This attitude is one of the key factors in Jonathan’s success in this ever-evolving industry of esports.
  • Potential to win: Jonathan can win in tournaments even if he is the last person surviving in that match. Nobody can give up their hopes until Jonathan is alive in the game. For instance, Jonathan was the last surviving player from the team in a match of PMWL 2020. He went on to survive till the final circle in Erangel and win a 1 Vs 3 clutch against Team Secret to win the map. Performances like this led them to finish sixth on the global stage at PMWL East 2020.
  • MVP: Jonathan is a star from Team GodLike and is always in contention for the MVP award. He has secured the title of MVP on multiple occasions like the recent Skyesports Championship 3.0, Loco War of Glory, and other tournaments. 

These are the learnings that one can take to become like Jonathan and get better at the game while approaching every duel or fighting mindfully in ranked and custom matches.

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