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Top 5 BGMI Players in India With Highest Earning

BGMI was the most trending game in India before it was banned. With a thriving esports scene comes a lot of branding and tournament prize. The prize money ranged in crores and here are the top players that have taken the biggest share out of it.

PUBG Mobile is correlated to BGMI in this list as the pros switched from one game to the other in the past three years.

The total earnings out of BGMI was $2,175,802 and apparently, players from GodLike Esports have taken the biggest share. The list is as follows:

  • MortaL: The pro-turned content creator, SouL MortaL, is a well-known BGMI player from India. His earnings from the esports tournaments crossed $50,000.
  • Viper: Fourth on this list is Mortal’s teammate, Viper, who played alongside him and earnt a sum of $56,000.
  • Neyoo: The assaulter from GodLike esports has earnt some fame and huge money as his earnings cross $70,000.
  • Jonathan: The “hacker” from GodLike won multiple MVP awards, taking him to a winning amount of $77,000.
  • ClutchGod: The IGL of GodLike tops this list by earning just a few bucks more than Jonathan

BGMI came with a huge amount of money and this is visible with the numbers shown in the list given above. If the game is unbanned anytime soon, we can expect to see such large numbers being pulled yet again by the most skillful players.

These are the highest-earning BGMI pros from India according to data sourced from esportsearnings.com

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