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‘We were a bunch of friends before this lineup was created’ – Devil | YaLLa Esports – DreamHack Delhi

YaLLa Esports are one of the invited teams at DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational. We sat down to talk to the roster about their current performances, visa issues, potential heading into 2020 and more.

TE: This is your first time visiting India. What are your first impressions of India so far?

Devil: First of all thanks for having us. The food is good; there is a lot of traffic – We almost died on the road five times. But, we’re still here. We’re good (laughs).

TE: You guys had a far from ideal campaign at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND. A major part of it was down to the unavailability of the full roster due to visa issues. How frustrating is it to qualify for an event but not be able to take your full roster?

Devil: It was very frustrating. We wanted to go with our full team. Kheops and Remind were not with us. These guys are essential pieces of our game plan. We rely a lot on them. We barely got a few days of practice in with the stand-ins. The situation was not ideal. We tried our best; it was fun. We learned from the experience.

TE: You have been regularly engaged in practice sessions and scrims with European teams and have also been participating in event featuring European teams at large, including United Masters League Season 2. How beneficial has it been for you guys as a team?

Devil: That event in particular was important for us. The teams in general, were mostly top 50/60 on HLTV so it was a good step up for us and a good experience. In general, we went in just trying to learn as much as possible and we noticed a ton of mistakes. We are working on getting better and doing better at such events in the future.

TE: You have your full roster here. What are your minimum expectations from DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019?

Devil: Personally, I think we can reach the finals. We are preparing as much as possible. These guys can destroy any squad. We are confident.

TE: This lineup has a mixture of four countries. How is the communication and chemistry within the roster?

Devil: I know all of them. We have been friends for over 3 years. Kheops, Remind played all their entire career together. Senpai, DEAD also played together for a good while. 3ARKOOZ knows everyone from before. We were a bunch of friends before this lineup came to be. The chemistry is really good. You might see us fighting each other here, having fun. It’s normal. Don’t worry. (laughs)

TE: What is ahead for YaLLa Esports after DreamHack Delhi? What is the aim for 2020?

Devil: Before coming to DreamHack, we qualified for WESG and we are looking forward to compete at the event and climb as far up the HLTV Rankings as possible.

TE: Anything you want to say to your fans, shoutouts or anything in general?

YaLLa: First of all, we would like to thank DreamHack for the opportunity; for inviting us to the event. This is our first big LAN event with our full lineup. It will be a good experience for us. We want to prove we are worthy of the invite and show the world we are present in the scene.

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