Goliath, pro100 book semi-final spot: DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational Day 1 Recap

The 55,000 USD flagship event in Delhi began with the Group featuring the likes of Orgless Five, Goliath Gaming and pro100 in a Round Robin Best of 2 format.

Match 1 (Orgless Five vs Goliath Gaming)

Train started with Orgless on the offence. The Indian stack won the pistol round and the ensuing round. But, things soon started to falter. Goliath Gaming turned the tide and then continued to impress, locking down both sites with individual plays from the likes of adaro, massacRe and ZipZip.

Orgless tried to do a Goliath, shutting down the A site regularly, with the help of some immaculate plays from DeathMaker. But, Goliath broke through on an eco round with a well calculated B split through Ivy, going on to secure the map 16-10.

Goliath started with dominance on the T side, racing to a 5-0 lead, with the South African stack targeting the B site most of the times. A brilliant 2k spraydown at Mid from HuNtR put Orgless on the board.

But, Goliath IGL massacRe returned fire with a 3k ensuring their A split paid dividends to break Orgless back. haiVaan then decided to take matters into his own hands with a 3k while aggressing at B halls to double the number of rounds for Orgless.

Orgless won another round before a 3k from adaro halted the Indian train. A quadkill from ZipZip on the 14th Round, which included a brilliant 1v3, saw Goliath touch double figures. Goliath ended strong with a 11-4 lead. The South African stack looked to end things early winning the pistol with a 3k from adaro with the MP9 on the anti-eco.

DeathMaker though, had something to say about it and delivered for Orgless, with quadkill handing Entity a win in the post-plant situation. The map soon became a back-and-forth affair, with Goliath ultimately closing out Inferno 16-10 and the series 2-0.

Match 2 (Orgless Five vs pro100)

Orgless Five started their map pick Train with a pistol round victory on the T-Side but their lead was levelled by a forcebuy victory from Goliath. Orgless were running down the clock quite often in the initial rounds with came back to haunt them on multiple occasions.

It was a disappointing T Side considering Train was their map pick, as they only managed 3 rounds to close the half 12-3. The second half saw Orgless start with two consecutive round losses before they got back on board. They looked much refined as they managed 6 rounds on the defensive side but the South African side needed only 4 of their own to take the map, which was only a matter of time considering how seasoned the offence of Goliath was as they closed the map 16-9.

Goliath started their map pick Inferno with a 5 round streak. Orgless didn’t seem to find their footing until the 6th round. Although Inferno is considered as a CT sided map, Orgless didn’t put much resistance having managed only 4 rounds. adaro and mango were up to their usual tricks finding entries and playing off of their teammates to close out the rounds some of which got very close. Complete elimination in the final two rounds helped close the first half with an 11-4 in favour of Goliath.

Goliath started their defence with a pistol round victory and they built upon it with a successful anti-eco. Orgless capitalized on their bonus round and continued their dominance till 5 rounds. Goliath traded a round with Orgless, after which they only 2 more rounds to take the map, which they did to close it out with a 16-10 scoreline.

Match 3 (pro100 vs Goliath Gaming)

The third match of the day 1 was between pro100 and Goliath Gaming. Pro100 in their previous game were looking a bit shaky as they lose the second map to tie the scoreline with the Indian stack.

The South African roster started with a Pistol win on the defence and converted the following round. Although, the CIS stack immediately with 9 consecutive rounds of their own and ended the first half with a pretty dominant scoreline of 10-5.

Goliath won the second pistol as well as the following round. The teams started trading rounds but the CIS roster was in no mood to surrender their lead and won the map with a 16-11 scoreline on Goliath’s map pick.

The second map was even more dominant as Train was their own map pick which started with a pistol win. pro100 converted the next 4 rounds on the offence. Goliath retaliated with one round of their own but there was no stopping the CIS roster today and they closed the half with same scoreline as Inferno, 10-5.

Pro100 allowed only 3 rounds on Goliath’s offensive side and won the map and the match with 16-8 and a 2-0 scoreline.

Goliath and pro100 have secured their place in the semi-finals at DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019, with Orgless Five missing out. The Indian stack did take a map off of pro100 and could have added more to their tally on another day.