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‘They (Orgless Five) had good aim but we had the better game plan’ – LighteRTZ

Goliath Gaming are one of the two teams that booked their place in the semi-finals, which are scheduled to happen on Day 3 of DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019.

We got a chance to talk with the Goliath Gaming team after their 2-0 win over Orgless Five in the opening series of the day, with the focus being the match and associated topics.

TE: This is your first time in India and now you have got your first win in the bag at the event. What are your first impressions of the country, the setup at DreamHack Delhi and everything?

LighteRTZ: It was pretty good. Most of the players are young and it was important to get this win under the belt. Getting this win was a boost of confidence we needed for the games to come. Coming here for the first time, this was kind of a culture shock for us. But, you guys have put on such a good environment for us; the stage is good, the setup is working. Everything has been going according to the plan so far.

TE: You just played Orgless Five. What did you make of your Indian counterparts?

LighteRTZ: They hit their shots, which is kind of nice to see as it means the aim is there; the skill level was there. But, in the end, our game plan, structure and mid-round decision making was a bit better than theirs. The final scoreline reflected everything.

TE: You [mango] are only 15 and have come into the lineup recently at Goliath. You seem to have adjusted well. What is your personal aim going into 2020?

mango: It feels pretty good. I can only get better and my aim for 2020 is to try and work as hard as I can and help my teammates as much as possible.

TE: You guys have come into the event after a period of roster instability, with Detrony returning to Bravado after the end of his loan spell. Is this the roster for 2020?

adaro: We were looking to build for the future. That is why we picked mango on a permanent basis. He is a talented youngster. As far as this being the permanent roster is concerned, we will see after this LAN.

TE: What are your expectations from the current roster at DreamHack Delhi 2019?

adaro: I think we will do great. The last two weeks, each one of my teammates have put in the work, with 120 plus hours in the game. That’s gonna come through. I think this is going to be a good event for us.

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