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‘It feels like we lost our concentration’ – ANGE1 | Hellraisers | DreamHack Delhi

We got a chance to talk to HellRaisers after their close loss to pro100 in the Grand Final of DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019.

TE: You guys had a huge lead on Mirage. Somehow, they managed to come back. Train didn’t really go your way. You guys were the favourites coming into DreamHack Delhi and in the Grand Finals but couldn’t get the W. How do you feel? What happened?

ANGE1: It feels very bad actually. We lost our map. Mirage, we basically threw it away due to our mistakes. It looked like we lost concentration at the end of the game. It was a terrible start on Train. We knew our T side was good but we needed 6 rounds on CT. 4 [rounds] weren’t enough.

TE: Talking about Mirage, it looked like you were about to take the map before YEKINDAR went huge individually for pro100. Do you think it was more about your mistakes or something they exploited or maybe just YEKINDAR taking things into his own hands?

ANGE1: It feels like we lost our concentration. If we continued to play like we were playing before, we would have won. But, unfortunately, we lost one round and then some individual stuff came up, as you said.

TE: Did the Overtime loss on Mirage affect your team mentally going into Train?

ANGE1: Yeah, maybe. I can’t say for sure but in some points, yeah. It is not easy to continue playing after such a hard loss.

TE: On Train, it looked like you guys had done just enough to mount a comeback. They took a tactical timeout to address some things and changed the narrative soon after. What do you think made the difference on Train during that period?

ANGE1: I remember losing a 1v1 on B at the end. It [the loss on train] was mostly due to our miscommunication.

TE: Now that DreamHack Delhi has ended, what next for HellRaisers as a team?

ANGE1: We are going to play IEM Katowice Open Qualifiers right after we reach home.

TE: Any parting message to your fans here in India and anything to all your fans all over the world?

ANGE1: Yeah, I want to say thanks to the fans for supporting us and at the same time, I want to say sorry for this kind of performance. We could have easily won this Best of 3 but unfortunately we let ourselves down.

Abhisek Bajaj
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