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Dreamhack announces 2020 schedule

DreamHack has announced the 2020 list of events and Open circuit on its 25th anniversary and we have got you covered with all the dates and details.

DreamHack marks its 25th anniversary with “DreamHack Day” — a celebration of the festival’s early beginnings in 1994. What started as a gathering of friends and their computers in a school cafeteria with no online access has grown into a beacon of internet culture and a gathering place for gamers worldwide featuring everything gaming under one roof. DreamHack is now the premiere gaming lifestyle festival.


While the anniversary was celebrated at DreamHack Winter 2019, the celebration will continue into 2020 to honor the many partners and cities that have been a part of DreamHack’s history. Some of DreamHack’s hallmark events over the last 25 years have included:

  • 1994 — First ever DreamHack held in Malung, Sweden
  • 2001 — DreamHack moves its Swedish event to Jönköping
  • 2002 — DreamHack sets up Winter and Summer festivals for the first time
  • 2011 — The first festival outside of Sweden is held in Valencia, Spain
  • 2013 — The first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major takes place at DreamHack Winter
  • 2015 — DreamHackiw acquired by MTG AB, and a new era begins
  • 2016 — The first DreamHack Masters is held in Malmö, Sweden
  • 2016 — First DreamHack festival in the U.S. takes place in Austin, TX
  • 2017 — DreamLeague Season 8 at Winter is the first Dota 2 Major produced by DreamHack
  • 2018 — First festival in Asia takes place in Mumbai, India
  • 2019 — DreamHack celebrates its 25th anniversary on December 9

Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO at Dreamhack says:

we are extremely proud to celebrate 25 years of DreamHack on this DreamHack Day, December 9, 2019. DreamHack has been on an incredible journey during all these years and for the last five we’ve been able to bring the full-on DreamHack experience to millions of visitors and viewers alike, all over the world. We now look forward to another 25 years of DreamHack festivals, bringing everything gaming under one roof to our fans

Here’s the complete Dreamhack 2020 Schedule:

Date City Ticket Information
Jan 24-26, 2020 DreamHack Leipzig, Germany Tickets on sale now
Feb 21-23, 2020 DEBUT: DreamHack Anaheim, California, USA Tickets on sale now
May 22-24,2020 DreamHack Dallas, Texas, USA Early Bird tickets on sale December 17
Jun 12-14, 2020 DreamHack Summer Jönköping, Sweden Ticket pre-sale December 13-15
Tickets on sale January 10, 2020
Jul 3-5, 2020 DreamHack Valencia, Spain Tickets on sale Monday, December 9
Sep 11-13, 2020 DreamHack Montreal, Canada To Be Announced
Oct 16-18, 2020 DreamHack Rotterdam, Netherlands To Be Announced
Oct 30-Nov 1, 2020 DreamHack Hyderabad, India To Be Announced
Nov 13-15, 2020 DreamHack Atlanta, Georgia, USA To Be Announced
Nov 27–29, 2020   DreamHack Winter Jönköping, Sweden To Be Announced
Dec 11–13, 2020 DreamHack Sevilla, Spain To Be Announced

Since its humble beginnings 25 years ago, DreamHack has grown into a global esports and digital gaming phenomenon. In 2018, DreamHack welcomed more than 350,000 visitors to its live events, and its online esports broadcasts received hundreds of millions of views. The collective prize pool for all DreamHack events during this past year exceeded 5.5 million dollars.

With esports viewership rapidly accelerating, and esports industry revenue expected to reach $1.1 billion by the end of 2019. DreamHack continues to both support and be a part of the growth of the industry. Stay tuned as new developments are released throughout 2020.


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