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How to Play TDM in XDefiant?

Get Your Frags On! A Beginner's Guide to XDefiant's TDM Mode

XDefiant recently received an update that lets players hop onto the TDM mode as the newest addition to their Unranked playlist on June 21, 2024. Ubisoft has followed the standard 6v6 matchmaking rules, and the “First to 100 kills” wins the match criteria. 

Since the update dropped, players have been trying out the new mode in the arena-based shooter game and in case you are wondering how you can play the Team Deathmatch mode, we’ve got you covered. 

How to play the TDM mode in XDefiant

Here is how you can join the team deathmatch mode in XDefiant:

  • Head to the Ubisoft Connect launcher.
  • Log in with proper credentials.
  • Navigate to the Library and look for XDefiant.
  • Hit the Play button.
  • Upon opening the main menu, go to the Play option and select Unranked.
  • Select TDM (Team Deathmatch) and queue for it.
  • You could also select the Unranked playlist, hoping to get a Team Deathmatch.

Some other available game modes in XDefiant 

The hit arena shooter title from Ubisoft has some other exciting game modes that non-beginners can try their hands at, some of which are: 


  • Escort
  • Zone Control
  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hot Shot

Meanwhile, Ranked gameplay matches are still in their early trial mode and most likely will be going live in the coming month based on some information from the developers.

If you’re interested in the latest updates, features, and pieces on Ubisoft’s latest arena shooter – XDefiant, stay tuned to this space for more.

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