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What does thrifty mean in Valorant?

If you’ve played Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant for a while, then you should be familiar with the post-round tag ‘Thrifty’. However, unlike ‘Flawless’ or ‘Ace’, many Valorant players are in the dark about what ‘Thrifty’ signifies when it’s announced after the end of a round.

When you hear the ‘Thrifty’ tag at the end of a round, it implies that the winning team has spent fewer credits on their economy that round. For instance, if one team full-buys with rifles and full armor while the other team buys only Sheriffs, and if the latter manages to pull off a win, it’ll be tagged as ‘Thrifty’.

What does ‘Thrifty’ mean in valorant

This goes in accordance with the literal meaning of the word ‘Thrifty’, which is, ‘using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.’

You can commonly hear ‘Thrifty’ during ‘Eco rounds’ when the team saving money gets a lucky win. Another common occurrence is a team going on a ‘semi-buy’ with SMGs, Shotguns, or Pistols and getting a ‘Thrifty’ win by tactical gameplay.

In a competitive game like Valorant, it’s extremely important to manage your money well. Managing your economy properly is one of the most important things you can teach yourself in Valorant. Know when to invest heavily, and know when you have to save for the next buy-round.

A popular way to get yourself a ‘Thrifty’ win is to isolate one of your enemies before killing him and getting his gun. You can then use that gun to pick off your enemies one by one.

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