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Valorant Pride Event 2022: How to get Pride cards & Gun Buddy

The Pride month celebrations have been set off on a high with Riot Games’ Valorant giving away a set of pride cards along with a brand new pride gun buddy.

A series of Pride cards were made available in the first-person tactical shooter back in June 2021 which featured a series of Pride cards, representing every flag from the LGBTQI+ community. Players were able to redeem the Pride cards by entering unique codes for every Pride flag on the redeem.playvalorant.com website. 

This year, things just got way easier to grab this range of wonderful in-game content by Rot as all the Pride cards and the Gun Buddy would be made available on the Valorant store for 0 Valorant Points. All you need to do is login to your Valorant account and open your in-game store. Below are the steps to get the Pride Cards in Valorant:

  • Open Valorant
  • Go to the in-game store
  • Select the pride cards you wish to get
  • You would be able to grab them at the cost of 0 Valorant Points
  • Open ‘Collection’ from the main menu
  • Select your player card on the left-hand side of the screen
  • You may now be able to see your acquired Pride Card from the list below
  • Follow the same steps for your Pride Gun Buddy, you would just need to select the weapon you wish to equip the gun buddy upon. 

Valorant’s Pride event runs from June 1 – 20. Once redeemed from the in-game store, they would permanently be added to your account.

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