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How to Earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

The Ultimate Guide: Earning & Spending Valorant's Kingdom Credits

Valorant’s Episode 7 rehaul introduced a brand new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits, which allows for purchases of new agents and accessories in the brand-new, revamped in-game shop. 

Additionally, Kingdom Credits have also switched up the way Agent contracts work. So here’s how you can use the new Valorant currency and where to use it.

How to buy Kingdom credits in Valorant

In short news, you can’t buy Kingdom Credits with real money, meaning the only way to get them is to earn them through grinding in the game and not taking the easy way out to unlock agents unless you end up buying the Xbox Game Pass.

To earn these Kingdom Credits players have to complete in-game challenges called Dailies, which are more like checkpoints on a day-to-day basis that progress as you keep winning rounds and matches within Valorant. For each checkpoint, a sum of 150 Kingdom Credits is awarded to players, easily hitting the 600 Kingdom Credits mark for just completing all the challenges.

How are Kingdom Credits used to purchase Agents?

Discover the various methods to unlock agents in VALORANT, from grinding Kingdom Credits to leveraging the Free Welcome Contract. Plus, learn the fastest ways to access every agent in the game.

Kingdom Credits can be used to purchase new agents in Valorant, although FFA Deathmatches don’t count. But, the interesting fact is how the Kingdom Credits are linked to your in-game performance, meaning if you have a better aim in Valorant, you will earn more points than the others on your team. 

To buy a new agent, you will need to collect 8,000 Kingdom Credits, and the maximum pool of these credits you can hold at a time is 10,000. This stops you from purchasing more than one agent at a single go. 

To help you purchase your new agent using Kingdom Credits, here are the steps: 

  • In the client, click the purple number at the top right; this is how many Kingdom Credits you have.
  • Click the Agents button.
  • Select the Agent you wish to purchase.
  • Click the button (that acknowledges this purchase is not refundable).

Updated agent contracts 

The all-new revamped shop comes with Kingdom Credits as the primary currency meaning the shop will allow you to purchase items and accessories from the previous battle passes that you might have missed using Kingdom Credits. Not only this, but Riot has stopped allowing players from grinding up the Agent’s contract ladder to unlock their accessories but is making them purchasable using Kingdom Credits.

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