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Top Five Best Free Fire Female Characters in 2021

A list of our picks of top five female characters in Free Fire.

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Free Fire is a popular battle-royale game with different mechanisms than other titles in the genre. The game offers its players to choose from a wide range of characters, each with their own unique abilities.

These characters can make a big impact your matches so selecting a correct one is of utmost importance.

There are several characters in this game and here are our picks of top five female characters in Free Fire.


We are starting this list with one of the passive characters in Free Fire. If you like to play as a support to your team and assist them in the fights, using Kapella is your best choice.

Her abilities increases the healing effect by 10% and the HP lost by allies is reduced by 20%. Overall, these skills will provide you with the tenacity required to face enemies using aggressive characters.

Kapella users can stay in the backlines in a chaotic fight and when the team is on the verge of getting knocked out, they can use her active ability to quickly provide a short term sustainability.


Kelly is a unique character which does not belong to any specific category. It completely depends on the players to use her as an agressive or passive character. This character does not particularly stand out but since her revamp, her abilities were enhanced and hence it can be a versatile pick.

Her passive ability is known as Deadly Velocity which is auto-activated when the player is sprinting for seven seconds. Once activated, the first shot inflicts 110% more damage and it lasts for 5 seconds.

If you like to roam around the map and play stealthily while covering your team, you can play her as a support but if you believe in your aim and have enough confidence to take your enemies head-on, Kelly might be a good pick as an aggresive character as well.


A124 is a robotic character which has a unique active ability named Thrill of Battle. This ability allows her to convert EP to HP with a cooldown duration of 90 seconds. Thrill of Battle helps the user to take a little bit more damage than the opponent while fighting as they can heal simultaneously and hence, have a slight upper hand in terms of HP percentage.

A124 is a pick for players who prioritise their defense more than the offense and like to be on the safer side. Many players pick the characters who have high damage output abilities and hence, picking something like A124 can help you to survive in this agressive meta and play the game more strategically.


Paloma is for the players who like to rain down bullets on their enemies and prefer assault rifles to do this task. Paloma is a character which is slightly similar to Jai but with different ability. While Jai has quicker reload option, Paloma excels in carrying ammunition.

The unique ability of this character is known as Arms Dealing. Using this passive ability, players can carry extra ammo for their ARs without using the space in their backpack. The amount of ammunition increases as the character is levelled up.

This character can help you to be more on the agressive side and dominate the enemies by constantly firing on them. You do not have to think about the ammo as you can carry a little bit extra than your enemies.


Laura is the final pick in our list. This character has one of the best abilities in the female category and hence, is a suitable pick almost every player.

Her ability is called as Sharp Shooter and this is a passive ability. Selecting Laura will increase your ADS or scope-in accuracy by 10% to 30% depending upon the level of your character.

This ability impacts the fights very much as firing your enemies by using the scope-in feature already increases the accuracy by some amount and using a character like Laura will make it even better.

You can increase your precision using her so if you have a good aim, picking Laura would make you even stronger in the game.

This is our list of top five female characters in Free Fire in 2021. Pick the one which suits you and dominate your enemies.

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