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How to download PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update – Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile recently pushed a major update themed ‘Metro Exodus’ for the upcoming season and tweaked around a lot of parameters surrounding the game mechanisms. With some new additions, the pre-existing game modes are getting a small turnover. Although the update has been released globally, some may face issues while downloading and hence, here is an external source to download PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update.

Metro Exodus Details:

The next PUBG Mobile update is a collaborative effort between PUBG and another hit video game Metro Exodus. As a result, new Metro Royale mode is getting introduced in the game. In the beta version, there were some changes like a completely new lobby, slightly changed map and monsters into the game.

Metro Royale Mode will feature two new maps. Basically the maps is a severed portion of Erangel but contains different locations, names and buildings. The terrain still gives classic Erangel vibes but infrastructure is completely different in Metro mode.

Players can also set loadouts to take into the game. This loadout will be different than the usual Team Deathmatch loadout and will contain all the equipments like guns and its attachments, first-aid kits, boosters and bandaids. Players can customize this loadout and choose their preferred guns to take in the matches.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.1 update

The update is already available on App Stores but if you did not get an update or are facing any issues, you can download the game externally by using following links.

Simply click on this link and download the update. If you still face any issues, try to reinstall it and make sure you have enabled the ‘download from external sources’ option from your mobile settings. We hope that this method worked for you.

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