PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: Everything You Need To Know

The Metro Royale game mode is set to arrive tomorrow.

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The upcoming Season 16 update of PUBG Mobile is expected to hit the game on 17th November. However, fans will be in for a treat long before that, when the new game mode ‘Metro Royale’ hits the servers on November 10th.

The ‘Metro Royale’ game mode is a result of a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the hit video game ‘Metro Exodus’.

The devs have already shared the initial looks on the new game mode. Take a look at the reveal of Metro Royale here.

The Metro Royale game mode is completely different from the regular mode that you’re familiar with. To win in this mode, players are required to reach an extraction point before others. Unlike the regular game mode, players also have to select their loadout before entering a match.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Release Date –

This new game mode also introduces several new items to PUBGM like Night Vision Goggles, Grenade Launcher, and more.

Apart from players, the maps will be infested with various sorts of creatures who’ll attack the players but can be killed. Medikits and other supplies are chosen by the players before the game starts.

If a player is successfully able to reach the extraction point, they will keep the items received in the game that can be used in future games. Eliminated players lose all their supplies. 

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