Mobile Legends Edith Guide for 2021

Mobile Legends Edith Guide

Edith is a Tank/Marksman in Mobile Legends. She is not only a unique hero but also very powerful. You can play with Edith in different roles. Keep reading this article to learn how to play Edith in the best possible way.

Mobile Legends Edith Lane

You can play with Edith in Experience lane as well as Gold lane as Offlaner. Moreover, when she takes the Tank role, she can wander around the map.

Mobile Legends Edith skills

Passive Overload

Edith and Phylax store electrical energy for 3 seconds after every kill to deal extra damage in basic attack. The damage spread can destroy 4 enemies.

Skill 1 – Phylax Skill 1 Earth Shatter

Phylax can charge for 0.75 seconds to deal a blow in straight line smashing the ground. It damages and knocks enemies for 1 second.

Edith Skill 1 Divine Retribution

Edith can call for a thunder cloud to deal Magic damage for 1.5 seconds in a specific area. An enemy will get damaged every 0.5 sec.

Skill 2 – Phylax Skill 2 Onward

Phylax can dash in a specific direction to damage the enemies.

Edith Skill 2 Lightning Bolt

Edith can shoot lightning bolt to any direction which paralyses the enemies for 0.8 sec.

Ultimate Skill Primal Wrath

  • Passive: While riding Phylax, Edith will store her Wrath after receiving damages.
  • Active: After getting out from Phylax, Edith will knock all the nearby enemies while gaining a shield. She will get attack speed and magical lifesteal based on the stored Wrath.

Mobile Legends Edith Skill Combo

  • Use Phylax Skill 2 to knock enemy behind you.
  • Instantly follow up with Skill 1 to have extended Crowd Control Effect.
  • Use Basic Attack to deal damage.
  • Once enemy uses dash skill or Flicker, switch to Edith by using Ultimate.
  • Use Edith Skill 2 to stun enemy.
  • Use Edith Skill 1 to deal Burst Damage and spam Basic Attack.

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