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Corpse Husband face reveal goes viral

Corpse Husband built his entire brand around anonymity with a lot of hype surrounding his face reveal. Recently, several an image is under circulation that many believe to be his although nothing can be confirmed.

Corpse’s is a unique YouTuber who has taken every measure possible to keep his identity a secret. It’s only natural that this has seeded curiosity in everyone about his identity. No one can confirm any details about him except for the ones he has chosen to share. His face reveal was teased on multiple occasions but has yielded nothing except for a recent Tweet that carries a photo, claiming it to be that of Corpse’s.

The photo was quickly dismissed by many as a fake but it sparked a bigger controversy.

Many of those who claimed themselves to be his fan was quick to downplay him when his looks failed to match their imagination, thus exposing their double standard. On the off chance that this is how Corpse Husband looks, Twitter was extremely unkind and rained down negativity on him.

“This alleged corpse husband’s face reveal just showed how f**ked up our world is,” one person wrote. “You guys think Corpse is this mega-hot guy, then y’all start bullying him when he didn’t meet your standards.”

Corpse hasn’t confirmed whether the photo has any truth to it but given his self-conscious nature, the harsh reaction from social media will keep him away for a while.

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