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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Trophies and Achievements

The tactical role-playing game Marvel’s Midnight Suns was created by Firaxis Games and Marvel Games and released by 2K Games. Apart from this new RPG game, 2K is already popular with several other AAA titles. In this game, you can play as The Hunter, the legendary demon slayer. Your objective will be to lead the top team of Marvel superheroes.

Before you go forward in this game, you need to know about the trophies and achievements that you will accomplish. In this article, we will discuss the trophies and achievements in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

If you are a PlayStation player, you will go for the Trophies while on Xbox, you have to go for the Achievements.

PlayStation Trophies for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Trophy NameTrophy Type
Lilith ReturnsBronze (Secret)
Oshtur’s GiftBronze (Secret)
Elemental, My Dear AgathaBronze (Secret)
Atum’s CallBronze (Secret)
Hyppus’ AidBronze (Secret)
Set’s FavorBronze (Secret)
A Coven RestoredBronze (Secret)
Are You On Superlink?Bronze
Did We Just Become Best Friends?Bronze
Friendship is MagicBronze
Cape of Many ColorsBronze
And Look Good Doing ItBronze
Make a House a HomeBronze
Might Need PocketsBronze
Fire Burn and Cauldron BubbleBronze
With a Box of ScrapsBronze
You Absolute LegendBronze
The Best GirlBronze
Unrequited LoveBronze
Spread the PainBronze
Some Minor AdjustmentsBronze
T.H.R.E.A.T. EliminatedBronze
The KeymasterBronze
Wisdom of the WoodsBronze
A Shining LightBronze
A Growing DarknessBronze
Fully ArmedBronze
Challenge AcceptedBronze
You Have the LeadBronze
Back in Time for LunchBronze
We Have WaysBronze
Quantity is QualityBronze
Collateral DamageBronze
Dream TeamBronze
Speed KillsBronze
Kitchen SinkBronze
Wilhelm ScreamBronze
Not a ScratchBronze
Pinball WizardBronze
Needful ThingsBronze
Trading UpBronze
Hunter the ExplorerSilver
Fully OperationalSilver
Extracurricular ActivitiesSilver
Big GunsSilver
A Mother’s GiftSilver (Secret)
A Light ExtinguishedGold (Secret)
Big MadGold (Secret)
Family is ForeverGold (Secret)
Big Game HunterPlatinum

Xbox Achievements for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Achievement NameGamerscore
Lilith Returns10G (Secret)
Oshtur’s Gift10G (Secret)
Elemental, My Dear Agatha10G (Secret)
Atum’s Call10G (Secret)
Hyppus’ Aid10G (Secret)
Set’s Favor10G (Secret)
A Coven Restored10G (Secret)
Are You On Superlink?10G
Did We Just Become Best Friends?25G
Friendship is Magic50G
Cape of Many Colors25G
And Look Good Doing It25G
Make a House a Home10G
Might Need Pockets10G
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble10G
With a Box of Scraps10G
You Absolute Legend10G
The Best Girl10G
Unrequited Love10G
Spread the Pain10G
Some Minor Adjustments10G
T.H.R.E.A.T. Eliminated25G
The Keymaster10G
Wisdom of the Woods10G
A Shining Light25G
A Growing Darkness25G
Fully Armed25G
Challenge Accepted25G
You Have the Lead25G
Back in Time for Lunch10G
We Have Ways10G
Quantity is Quality25G
Collateral Damage10G
Dream Team10G
Speed Kills10G
Kitchen Sink10G
Wilhelm Scream10G
Not a Scratch25G
Pinball Wizard10G
Needful Things10G
Trading Up10G
Hunter the Explorer25G
Fully Operational25G
Extracurricular Activities25G
Big Guns25G
A Mother’s Gift50G (Secret)
A Light Extinguished50G (Secret)
Big Mad50G (Secret)
Family is Forever50G (Secret)
Big Game Hunter75

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