Deadpool is one of the most powerful superhero in Marvel Super War, a rather fresh entry in the MOBA. The eccentric swordsman boasts his own set of skills to shred your enemies.

Deadpool’s Skill Set

Deadpool has five unique abilites, some of which works with guns as well as his katana. He has four active skills, complemented by a passive one.

  • Can’t Touch This: The passive skill increases movement speed by 40% in 2 seconds.
  • Catch Me If You Can: The swords mode cause damage to the target however in the gun mode Deadpool throws a shuriken at the target.
  • Can’t Hit Me: Deadpool spins with his two swords and cause damage to multiple targets.
  • Ya Can’t Hide!: This active skill of Deadpool worth 60 physical damage will hit the target along with nullyfying the the enemy’s skill.
  • Bang Bang Bang (4th skill): Deadpool uses both guns as grenades lauchers to deal damage to multiple targets.

Deadpool Guide

Here are some tips to use this hero effectively and slay more enemies.

  • Keep a safe distance as Deadpool remains vulnerable to counter attacks.
  • Attack the monster with sword right off the spawn and use guns after espacping its vicinity.
  • Use shuriken and dual swords for the mid and close ranged attack respectively.
  • The moving speed increases upon switching weapons.
  • With the 4th skill Deadpool will espace the opponenets attacking range while firing.

Deadpool’s Skill Combo

Upon reaching level 5

  • Use the 4th skill Bang! Bang! Bang! to soften up the enemy followed by the 1st and the 2nd skill to boost the attack speed before switching to swords.
  • After entering sword mode and use the 2nd skill to deal damage as welll as deep yourslef safe.
  • Finally use the 1st skill to attack the enemy and finish them off with the 3rd skill.