Top Of Call Of Duty Mobile SUMMIT TOWER

2020 has been a forgiving year for Call of Duty Mobile, like every game it saw a drastic rise in player count and its developing as an esport in regions where other version of COD couldn’t seem to get the community by their side. Being one of the most notable esport title of all time along with moving into the mobile landscape, a game of that pedigree was bound to explode.

As the game kept on growing, so did the question surrounding tips and tricks of the game. As of now the community is looking for a way to get to the Summit Tower, and here’s how to do it:

How to get on the top of Summit Tower In COD Mobile

  • To Climb The Summit Tower First Reach the Guerilla Base
  • Head over to Control Room 2.
  • Get on top of the control station close the scaffolding.
  • Move as far away as possible from the scaffolding ledge while being on the top of the control station.
  • Sprit towards the ledge at the maximum velocity just before you’re about to fall off.
  • Once you make it to the scaffolding, sprint till you reach your top speed and make a jump for it.
  • Jumping on the correct timing will result in you ending up on the Summit Tower.

Make sure no enemies are in your vicinity before you attempt this. A move like this takes time and chances are by the time you take the liberty to roam around, someone will kill you even before you make it to the tower. The trick to getting there is the timing so make sure that is on point. Once you get the timing right, the rest is farily simple.