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Is Apex Legends Crossplay?

Several online games are introducing crossplay gradually. Almost every big video game developer is moving towards crossplay as it is an important part of online features. Crossplay basically lets players play like PC vs PS, Xbox vs PC, or PS vs Xbox. Being a battle royale game, does Apex Legends support crossplay? Let’s find out.

After the release of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment rose to the top of the gaming industry. It is a battle royale game that appears similar to other combat games but differs in a few ways. Players can appreciate the enhanced powers that provide them an advantage over their opponents.

Is Apex Legends Crossplay?

Apex Legends allows users to join alliances and play together regardless of platform. Players from many gaming platforms may join in and enter the arena to destroy adversaries.

However, explaining the game’s advancement mechanism may quickly get confusing. Apex Legends does not allow full Cross progression. It means that you may transfer your account from PS4 to PS5, but you cannot play the game or access your account from another platform.

If you upgraded your account on one console and then transferred it to another, you must rebuild it.

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