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Malding in Twitch Chat Explained

You cannot be in the Twitch community without having come across “malding” at least once. While most people use it colloquially in Twitch chat but they are surprisingly aware of its meaning or origin.

In this article, we explore the origin, meaning, and use of “malding”. It is the combination of Mad and Balding and together they form Malding. The joke is on the person or entity who is being referred to as Malding. The person is assumed to be so mad/angry that they are getting bald.

Before it became popular in the Twitch community, it has been listed in Urban Dictionary for a long time. It has been a part of the internet lingo before but the latest boost in its application has the Twitch community to thank.

Definition Of Malding

Via Urban Dictionary.

“When someone is expressing a large magnitude of rage, often over something relatively small, the stress they are giving up on themselves causes their hair to fall out (thus, balding). A portmanteau of “mad” and “balding”.” according to Urban Dictionary.

This term is mostly associated with Twitch streamers who mostly aging and showing signs of balding. Ironically, a lot of the aging streamers who express “large magnitude of rage” are mostly hit with Malding spam in their chat during their live streaming sessions.

The Twitch community often comes up with new words or Portmanteaus. This part of the community keeps it alive and fun to be in. Keeping can be difficult sometimes so follow us on our socials to be updated.

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