How to unlock Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3?

Optimus Prime fortnite

With its exhilarating additions, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has elevated the battle royale experience to a whole new level. Thanks to the arrival of raptors, the legendary Optimus Prime, and the unearthing of ancient ruins, the island is now buzzing with excitement. Unknown vault doors that protect priceless chests have been discovered hidden amid the old ruins are one of these fascinating elements.

However, unlike their predecessors, these vaults are not easily opened with a simple key. Each vault presents a unique and sometimes perplexing puzzle that requires keen problem-solving skills. In this guide, we will uncover the locations of these vaults and provide solutions to unlock each type.

The first type of vault door you will encounter is known as the sacrifice door. These doors emit an enchanting glow accompanied by wisps of smoke. To gain access, you must present an item of significant value.

The rarity of the item you offer must match or exceed the minimum rarity indicated by the color of the smoke. Blue, purple, or orange smoke corresponds to Rare, Epic, or Legendary rarity, respectively. Prepare yourself by dropping a weapon or item of the appropriate rarity to unlock the vault.

Now let’s jump into the second type of vaults. The second type of vault features an intriguing statue puzzle. These vaults often appear as small, standalone buildings with a vault door flanked by two statues. Your objective is to select the correct statue to open the door. Unfortunately, the vault door does not provide any clues, and there is no foolproof method to determine the right choice.

If you happen to select the wrong statue, you will find yourself floating back down through a rift directly above the building. Don’t worry, simply return and activate the other statue to proceed.

The third and most intricate vault doors are associated with purple flaming braziers. Within the same room, you will find multiple braziers that need to be extinguished. Another room in the temple mirrors the brazier setup, but one flame is already extinguished.

Your task is to locate the corresponding brazier in the main room and extinguish the flame in the same position as the one already out. Once you successfully douse the flame, the vault door will gracefully swing open.


Are the vaults randomly placed on the island?

No, the vaults have specific locations within the ancient ruins.

Can I open a vault without solving the puzzle?

No, each vault requires the respective puzzle to be solved for access.

Are the items inside the vaults worth the effort?

Yes, the vaults contain valuable chests with rewards that can enhance your gameplay.

Can I play Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Wilds without encountering the vaults?

Yes, the vaults are optional challenges and not essential for regular gameplay.

Are there any additional secrets within the ancient ruins?

Yes, apart from the vaults, there may be other hidden surprises waiting to be discovered.

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