Where to Find the Apparatus in Fortnite?

prism apparatus fortnite

If you’re an avid Fortnite player, you’ve likely encountered a mysterious Prism while exploring the sprawling jungle landscape. However, the game leaves players puzzled about where this artifact should be conveyed.

But fear not, this guide will help you through the enigmatic journey of bringing the Prism to Trace at the Apparatus in Fortnite.

Where to Find the Apparatus in Fortnite?

The first step in this captivating adventure is locating the Prism. Crafted from rare Kinetic Ore, this intriguing object can be found at a small temple situated to the east of Rumble Ruins. As you approach the temple’s base, a mesmerizing, radiant purple Prism will captivate your attention as it rests gracefully on an altar.

Acquiring the Prism is a straightforward task. Just go towards it and press the corresponding button on your controller (Square / X / E) to acquire it. With the Prism now in your possession, consult your mission log, which will direct you to deliver it to the Apparatus and hand it over to Trace.

Fortune favors you, as Trace and the Apparatus are conveniently located on the rooftop of the same building where you discovered the Prism. Ascend the stairs to reach the rooftop, where you’ll find Trace eagerly awaiting your arrival. Interact with him to complete your quest and fulfill your mission of delivering Prism.

While the journey itself may be straightforward, Fortnite falls short of effectively communicating the destination to players, leading to some confusion. However, armed with the information provided here, you now have all you need to successfully navigate this mysterious quest and complete it.


Can the Prism be found anywhere else besides the temple east of Rumble Ruins?

No, the Prism can only be found at the small temple located to the east of the Rumble Ruins.

What happens if I lose the Prism during the mission?

If you lose the Prism, you will need to revisit the temple and collect it again.

Are there any enemies or obstacles on the way to the Apparatus?

Generally, the path to the Apparatus is free of enemies or obstacles, making the journey relatively safe.

Does delivering the Prism unlock any special rewards or achievements?

While delivering the Prism itself doesn’t grant any immediate rewards, it contributes to progressing the game’s storyline and quests.

Can I undertake this mission with friends in cooperative gameplay?

Absolutely! You can team up with friends to embark on this mission together, enhancing the cooperative gaming experience.

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