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Days Gone: How to store weapons in gun locker?

Days Gone is finally out on PC and is the second first-party PlayStation game to be released on the platform. Like most open-world games, it features several elements that can help players on their journey depending on how they utilize them, one such ability in Days Gone is the freedom to pick up any weapon that you have acquired from enemies or while exploring, but there’s a catch.

These weapons aren’t really considered as Deacon’s even though there is a gun locker that you can use to retrieve your saved weapons, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think. The game forces you to keep the weapons you’ve picked up on you at all times and as a result, you might lose them permanently. This may seem overwhelming, especially for players who aren’t used to survival elements but here’s how you can use the gun locker in an efficient manner.

Gun lockers can be found in various Camp Safehouses, NERO Safehouses as well as Marauder Camp bunkers that you have cleared. Upon accessing them you’ll have 3 options to choose from – Primary, Side Arm, and Special, with various stats such as damage, accuracy, and magazine size. Guns also have different conditions ranging from Junk Condition to Special Forces Condition and you can carry only one weapon from each category.

To unlock weapons for your gun lockers, you’ll have to purchase them from vendors in survivor camps using Camp Credits. Each survivor camp will have its own selection of weapons and Camp Credits to spend, you’ll have to reach a certain Trust Level individually to be able to purchase high-tier weapons.

While this sounds annoying and tedious, these weapons will demolish anything standing in your way and you’ll eventually earn enough Trust points during story missions and side content. You will also unlock certain weapons while completing story missions and any gun that you unlock or purchase will be yours permanently and can be reacquired at any time, provided you’re inside a safehouse or bunker.

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