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Days Gone: Top 5 Melee Weapons

Days Gone has been one of the latest releases on steam. The game was first published on PlayStation consoles by Bend Studio with its Microsoft version, revealed on May 19, 2021.

Days Gone is an open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon, United States of America, and follows the story of Deacon St John, a drifter who discovers the possibility of his wife Sarah still being alive, eventually leading the former to find her. In order to achieve the latter, Deacon must run jobs for various camp owners to acquire upgrades for his weapons and motorcycles as well.

While out in the wild to complete objectives, you may come across a plethora of freaks (a term for the infected in the game), and trust me, your guns won’t be able to suffice for all of them. The game also does feature melee weapons which can be collected from across abandoned places, lying around. 

Do note: In order to sustain the durability of these Melee weapons, you might need to collect scrap by lockpicking cars and as mentioned, looting abandoned structures too. But first, in order to make your character find scrap, you would need to unlock the “Field Repair” skill as scrap materials will help you to repair your damaged weapons.

Today, we present to you the top 5 melee weapons in Days Gone which will help you survive through the streets of a deserted Oregon.

Ripper Blade

The Ripper Blade will be made available early in the game. You will be able to finish freakers and other bandits within just two swings. You will be able to later craft once you’re done with the “They Will Never Stop” Mission. Until then you will eventually find it lying around.

Items required to craft Ripper Blade:

  • Stool Leg
  • Sawblade
  • Scrap

Lawn Mower Machete

The Lawn Mover Machete can be as lethal as any other standard Melee weapon. A few hits and your enemy won’t bother you. Usually, you don’t need anything to craft it and can find the same while exploring around. You will first find after completing the “Chasing Leon” mission once you start clearing out the ambush camp.

Baseball Bat Axe

In order to get the Baseball Bat Axe, you would need to have a progress of 29% in the Ambush Camp Hunter Mission. Till then, you may either choose to craft it or find it in the wild but the latter might take you a while to do the same.

Items required for crafting the Baseball Bat Axe:

1. Baseball bat
2. Saw Blade
3. Some quantity of Scrap (TBD by the game)

Superior Mace

This is one of those superior Melee kinds in the game. Each swing would typically one-shot the enemy but at the cost of 3% durability per hit. Its durability and damage are both maxed out while the backswing of this weapon is comparatively slower, which might make you prone to take increased damage from a smaller horde of freaks.

Superior Metal Axe

The Superior Metal Axe is by far the best Melee weapon in the game and has maxed out damage and durability. It does last for a maximum of 50 attacks with the former losing just 2% durability in exchange for just a hit.

In addition, players can also unlock the abilities, “The Home Run” and “Hard Hitter”  further in the game in a bid to amplify the damage, inflicted by their Melee weapons.

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