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COD Warzone & Cold War Season 3 Patch Notes

The Season 3 update of COD Warzone & Cold War will go live tomorrow on 20th May. The new Season 3 will bring a lot of new things into the game. Let’s check out the patch notes.

First of all, the Zombie mode is going to get revamped with a new main quest and world event. The Cold War multiplayer mode is going to receive the most anticipated Standoff remake. In addition, there will be new weapons and modes.

COD Warzone & Cold War Season 3 Patch Notes

  • Global
    • ‘80s Action Heroes event
    • New Prestige Shop content
    • New weapon tuning for all sniper rifles, assault rifles, LMGs, and pistols
    • New weapons incoming: Baseball Bat, AMP63 machine pistol
    • + more
  • Multiplayer
    • New MP Maps: Standoff (6v6), Duga (Multi-Team)
    • New MP Modes: Die Hardpoint, Multi-Team Elimination
    • New Featured Playlist: Standoff 24/7
    • Three 6v6 maps added to 12v12 Moshpit: Standoff, The Pines, Moscow
    • New Scorestreak, Equipment, Field Upgrade, and Movement tuning
    • New League Play update
    • + more
  • Zombies
    • New Mode
      • Cranked 2: No Time to Crank
    • Outbreak
      • New Main Quest
      • New Orda Encounter World Event
      • New Fishing activity
      • New Dark Aether story Intel
    • Dead Ops Arcade 3
      • New Silverback Slideways bonus map
    • Onslaught (PlayStation®)
      • Onslaught Standoff map + Intel
      • Onslaught Mystery Munitions LTM
      • A new challenge with exclusive Weapon Blueprint reward
    • New Main Quest rewards
    • New weapons added to Mystery Box and Trial rewards
    • Custom Mod Weapon Blueprint support
    • Zombies-specific weapon tuning
    • New gameplay improvements & bug fixes
    • + more

Now doubt, the update is going to be a pretty big one. Are you also hyped up? Check out the full patch notes here.

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