PUBG Mobile 1.2 Beta Version Details: Registration, Features and More

PUBG Mobile beta version 1.2 leaks suggest that a new Extreme Hunt mode is coming to the game alongside some exciting features.

PUBG Mobile is getting ready to push another big update on its beta testing version. This update will be termed as PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 update and the previous Metro Royale mode will be replaced with a new themed update for the next season. PUBG Mobile will be getting some new features which may be introduced in to the global version with the next seasonal update and officially, the beta testing has not begun a website has already started the registration process.

PUBG Mobile beta version 1.2 will have a new game mode know as Extreme Hunt Mode. This will be similar to the existing Metro Royale mode where the game is themed for a limited period of time. In this mode, players can enter new match mode on the maps like Livik and Erangel.

The new Extreme Hunt mode will include a dedicated feature in which, a Powered Exoskeleton suit will be provided the players which will amplify their defensive stats. The exact details about this feature are not known right now, but as per several leaks, it is suggested that this suit will have different parts. Equipping each part will increase the sustainability and after one equips the entire suit, an ability known as Dragon’s Breathe Grenade could be activated.

These details are based upon several videos which suggest many different things but some things are common in all of them. The mention of Extreme Hunt mode and this suit has been observed and some even state that players can respawn up to two times in this mode. The ability to respawn was never seen in PUBG Mobile and this addition will bring an element of twist to the game.

How to register for PUBG Mobile 1.2 Beta Version

The registration process for PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 has begun on the website GameExp but the authenticity of this process is not verified by TalkEsport. The usual beta testing does not require any special registration process and hence, readers are recommended to apply for the testing at their own risk.

The official beta version could be globally released very soon and the official announcement will be made on the PUBG Mobile website so keep an eye on it to catch the updates regarding this beta version.