How to play COD Modern Warfare 2 on Steam Deck

COD Modern Warfare 2 steam deck

Valve Corporation is known to implement some amazing concepts in the world of gaming and recently, they revolutionized their own product and launched Steam Deck, a portable console with PC games in your pockets. This has led to a big question of which games the Steam Deck can support and Modern Warfare 2 is one of them.

Players have been wondering if they can use Steam Deck to actually player Modern Warfare and the answer is quite complicated. Technically, one can use Steam Deck to play the game but they have to tweak it a little bit to access the game.

Officially, Steam Deck’s operating system called SteamOS does not support Modern Warfare but players have found a roundabout way to do this as well. One can install Windows OS on their Steam Deck to access Modern Warfare 2.

This catch leads to a lot of dilemma and we at TalkEsport would like to clarify that players should only consider following this method at their own risk.

How to play COD Modern Warfare 2 on Steam Deck

Please follow the steps given below to install Windows on Steam Deck and ultimately download Modern Warfare 2 on it:

  • Download Windows 10 on a flash drive.
  • Insert a flash drive or pen drive into your Steam Deck. The slot provided is of USB C so make sure to use an adapter if required.
  • Enter into boot mode by pressing the volume down and power button.
  • Install the Windows version and change the orientation to the landscape via Display settings.
  • Manually download a browser and install Modern Warfare 2.

Play the game once it is installed and make sure that you only download the necessary resources or else the experience might get choppy.

This is all you need to know about how to install Modern Warfare 2 on your Steam Deck. Use it at your own risk and have fun.