How to perfectly “Sabotage” in Among Us

Time for some 200 IQ plays.

among us

If I had a dollar for every Among Us game I played where the impostor had absolutely no clue how the ‘Sabotage’ feature works, I’d probably be rich by now. It’s true, you’d be surprised to know how many impostors just go around aimlessly killing people without utilizing one of the best tools in the game – Sabotage.

Sabotaging is something only the impostors have access to and can disrupt the flow of tasks done by the crewmates. What’s even more interesting is the fact that sabotaging certain things can net you a free win as an impostor if the crewmates fail to react in time. Other things can help you stall the crewmates till your kill cooldown resets, or simply give you a visual advantage over them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the uses of the ‘Sabotage’ feature in Among Us.

Firstly, there are sabotaging doors. Most rooms in the Among Us maps have doors that can be sabotaged by the impostor. Once done, the doors close and remain closed for a specific time span.

If you’re the impostor and you find yourself in a room with one other person, sabotage the door, kill the crewmate, and make a run for it through the vents. Players entering the door will have no clue who killed the victim.

The second use of Sabotage is the lights. Lights can be sabotaged to reduce the vision of the crewmates to a bare minimum (doesn’t affect the impostor’s vision). Once the lights are fully out, you can easily sneak in a kill without anyone noticing. Once the crewmates stack up to fix the lights, you can throw them off by randomly flipping switches and buying time for your kill cooldown to reset.

The third use of sabotaging is comms. A comms sabotage prevents the use of security cameras and removes the display of tasks from the crewmates’ screens.

The final use of Sabotage can be game-winning in multiple ways. You can sabotage the oxygen supply or the reactor after which the crewmates get 30 seconds to fix them. If they fail, the impostors instantly win the game.

Furthermore, another useful strategy is to fake yourself doing the fix and when anyone comes near you to help you fix, you kill them. This strategy can be especially useful towards the endgame when you’re the only impostor and players split into groups of 2 and go fix either side.

This is not all, you can be creative in a variety of ways with the sabotage button and catch crewmates off guard. The next time you’re the impostor, be sure to give it a try.

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