FarmVille to shut operations, following Adobe’s decisions, Zynga announces

The legendary Facebook game comes to an end.


It’s surely a sad day in the lives of every nineties’ kid, as, after all these years, the agriculture simulation game Farmville is being discontinued in the next few months.

On 26th September, Zynga – the makers of Farmville – announced that they’d shut all operations for the game from December 31st, 2020. The decision comes due to Adobe discontinuing their distribution and updates for Flash Player across all web browsers, which led to Facebook stopping the support of Flash Games on their platform after December 31st.

“Following an incredible 11 years since its initial launch back in 2009, we are officially announcing the closure of the original FarmVille game on Facebook,” Zynga said in a statement.

The in-game purchases will come to a halt on November 17th, while Farmville itself will continue to be playable till December 31st.

The gameplay of Farmville features a simulation of farmland management, which includes plowing land, planting and growing trees, harvesting different kinds of crops, and raising livestock. The free-to-play game, which received immense popularity throughout Facebook, was originally released way back in 2009.

It wasn’t before long that it became the most popular game on Facebook, with active users reaching as much as 83.76 million per month, according to reports. The daily active user count peaked at around 34.5 million.

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