What is Among Us “Matchmaker is full” error

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Among us is becoming one of the most popular games of 2020 and with rising popularity, the server issues are rising as well. The game was launched in 2018 but gained popularity after streamers picked up this game. As the game is getting popular, the player base is rising day by day, the servers are unable to handle this population and show several errors.

Among Us and its massive user base was bound to cause some issues to this game. With millions of players tuning in at the same time, the servers are not able to cope up with it. Network issues are one of the most common errors in this game. From getting disconnected at the start of the game or getting lagged in between, the list of problems is big.

One of the errors that is prevalent right now is called “Matchmaker is Full” error. As the name suggests, the error is shown when the game is flooded with users and players could not connect to the servers. What this error does is that it freezes the entire lobby or sometimes, if the game fails to find an imposter, the error gets popped up.

How to fix Matchmaker is Full error?

Here are a few things you can try to fix this error:

  • Reset your internet connection and check if there are any connectivity issues from your end.
  • Try switching the server to another region. Most of the time, this may fix your error.
  • One can try to use a VPN but it is essentially similar to switching the servers as the connections are just varied to a different region by both the methods.
  • Check if the game is updated or patched, this will mostly fix any prevailing issues.

Among us developers team mostly tries to fix all such issues and you can expect the game to run smoothly with the next upcoming update. Till the update is pushed, try the methods mentioned above to fix the game.

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