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How to open Red Doors in COD Warzone Season 5?

Warzone’s Red Doors were introduced in Season 4 and it allowed players to access otherwise unreachable stations that are spread out all over the map. These stations contain supply boxes that offer rare loot, cash, and perks, while some boxes are booby-trapped and release a harmful gas that damages players.

Raven software’s post suggests that the Red Doors will play a larger role in the upcoming mid-season.

Whatever broadcast Perseus set up is causing the Red Doors to become more volatile than ever before, as Operators are now reporting [[REDACTED]] in their post-mission briefings. 

Beware of these doors sending you to locations other than the main room we all thought to be its lone destination point, and above all else, keep your head.
This event may also have something to do with those Mobile Broadcast Stations seen around Verdansk… but at this time, we cannot declassify further intel for fear of double agents.

Season 5’s Red Doors are now a bit more complicated than before. Players who enter one will now get teleported to a hallway with several other Red Doors and they’ll have a limited amount of time to choose the correct door, and going through the wrong door will cause them to redeploy.

But there’s a way to identify these doors: The correct door will emit a buzzing sound, similar to that of a red or legendary crate and players can end up in one of the 12 possible locations containing loot.

Red Door destination stations

  • ATC Tower
  • Block 18 
  • Bunker 0 
  • East School 
  • Factory 
  • Farmland 
  • Junkyard 
  • Lumber 
  • Military Base 
  • Promenade 
  • Salt Mine
  • Storage

While Season 5 has changed how these Doors work, they will spawn in their usual locations so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.

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