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How to use Red Doors in Call of Duty Warzone?

With the launch of CoD: Warzone Season 4, Raven Software has made some significant changes to Verdansk, and they have added new weapons along with a mysterious Red Door. This Red Door was also spotted in Season 4’s trailer and can be found randomly in-game. Upon interacting with the door, players will be teleported to different areas of the map and can find rare loot along with ammo, along with other perks and equipment.

How to find Red Doors in COD Warzone?

Finding these Red Doors isn’t as straightforward as one might think as they do not have a fixed spawn location. However, there are seven possible areas where these doors might appear, and usually, these doors are found near each other. They can be found in Downtown, Factory, Hills, Old Mine, Salt Mine, Summit, and Stadium.

Some well-known Red Door locations are:

  • Second Floor of Nakatomi Plaza in Downtown.
  • In the Stadium Office.
  • Inside of a Barn in Hills.
  • In the main Factory Hangar.

How to use a Red Door in COD Warzone?

If you come across a Red Door, simply press E for PC or Square/X for PS/Xbox to open the door, which will be glowing when opened. You’ll be greeted with a unique animation when you walk inside the door, and you’ll get teleported to a Station which is essentially another location on the map. Once you enter a Red Door, it’ll be locked for everyone else so be sure to find a Red Door as soon as you can.

Inside the Station, you can find upto two Legendary chests along with H.A.R.PUAVs,  Satchels, Ammo, Rare Weapons, and more.

Though the Red Doors can also function as a trap as some players can camp around the area to catch you in the act, so you might want to be careful around them. These doors aren’t guaranteed to spawn at a set location so it’ll all depend on your luck in the end, and if you do manage to get inside one, it could potentially work in your favor as you’ll be equipped with some of the best gear in the match.

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