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How to join Voice Chat in Overwatch 2

Effective communication is a vital component in any online multiplayer shooter game with team-based gameplay, and Overwatch 2 is no exception.

The game emphasizes the use of Voice Chat, allowing players to make quick and decisive decisions during gameplay. Whether it’s calling for a teammate to switch to a Tank role or requesting a heal, clear communication is crucial for success.

If you’re new to Overwatch 2 or online shooters in general, setting up Voice Chat may not be immediately obvious.

To help, we’ve outlined the simple steps to follow to get you and your team locked into a party and using Voice Chat:

Steps to join Voice Chat in Overwatch 2:

  1. Start up Overwatch 2 and go to the game’s main multiplayer menu.
  2. Navigate to the Settings option.
  3. In the Settings menu, select the Sound option.
  4. In the Sound menu, select the Voice Chat option under the General sub-menu.
  5. Change the settings for Group Voice Chat, Team Voice Chat, and Match Voice Chat to Auto Join to automatically join Voice Chats without invites.
  6. Alternatively, you can set the options to simply “On” and choose which options to apply this setting too.
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