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How to get Halloween hats in Among Us

Among Us has completely taken over the gaming industry. The game looks very simple without any quirky graphics but is standing out due to its fun playstyle. Among Us has reached new highs in terms of popularity with the acclaimed faces of streaming are choosing this game to entertain their viewers.

Among Us features upto ten players who are spawned in a spaceship. Out of them, there are some impostors who the crewmates have to find out and kick from the ship before they manage to kill everyone. Crewmates have to use their wits to deduce who the impostor is while simultaneously doing tasks scattered across the ship to win.


Among Us supports following platforms

  • PC 
  • iOS
  • Android


You can get Halloween costume hats in Among Us simply by waiting for October to arrive.

Or, you can get Halloween hats in Among Us for free on mobile and PC right now by changing the date and time on your device.

Follow the below steps to get cosmetics such as a Friday the 13th hockey mask and bat wings.

  • Open settings on either your phone or computer
  • Select Date and Time
  • Turn off automatic clock
  • Change the date and time to October 29th, 2019 at 23:59
  • Open Among Us and wait for the time to change to 00:00 on October 31st
  • Create a game and approach the laptop
  • Press customise and you should see Halloween hats to select

If you don’t see any Halloween hats, you may need to restart the game or restart your device.

That’s all you need to do to get the Halloween Hats invisible in Among Us.

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