How to get the Bombastic Bling for free in Roblox

Get the Bombastic Bling for free with these tricks.

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Roblox is providing a lot of free stuff as a part of the Ready Player Two event. Among those free stuff, the Bombastic Bling is quite popular. You can wear this orange necklace on your neck. Your avatar will look really cool after wearing the necklace. You can earn this necklace just by playing the Robloxian High School game.

How to get the Bombastic Bling:

  • Go to the Robloxian High School game and create a VIP server for free. You can do it in public, but it’s more annoying.
  • Open up your new server and use the Explore option on the side of the screen to teleport to school.
  • Run through the front door and turn left at the hallway and left again into the library.
  • Once you enter the library, turn left immediately and sit in the first chair there.
  • You need to be in the chair before 8 AM, and if you are sitting in that chair when the clock changes you should see a key spawn behind the chair.
  • Pick up the key and head out of the library and towards the classrooms.
  • Run through the hallway and you will find a door that is right after the Workshop without a label.
  • Walk into that room with your key and go through the portal.
  • Now you need to complete the obby to obtain the necklace!

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Play Roblox on iOS and Android.

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