How to fix Steam Pending Transaction Error?


Not only you, but thousands of players around the world are also facing the same Steam Pending Transaction error today while purchasing the PGL Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass.

While the Stockholm Viewer Pass just got released today, numerous players are gathering on Steam to buy the pass. Apparently, this is causing the transaction error.

However, there are a few fixes to solve the error. Check out which one is working for you.

Check Steam Server Status

First of all, click here and check out if Steam is down or not. If the server is down, you can’t really do anything. If Steam is working properly, follow these steps:

Cancel Pending Transactions

  • Launch Steam.
  • Go to Account Details.
  • Then go to the Steam Purchase Help Page.
  • Click on View Purchase History and it will show you all the transactions.
  • If you see any pending purchase, click on it.
  • Then select Cancel this transcation.
  • After that click on Cancel my purchase.
  • Restart Steam and you are done.

Use Steam Website

The Steam client sometimes faces internet issues due to some internet ports. This can be solved by opening the Steam website from any browser. Once you log in using the website, try making the same transaction again.

Use Different Payment Method

Sometimes due to issues with your payment method, the transaction gets failed. Try to use any other debit or credit card or other payment methods. This may fix the problem.

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