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How to Fix ‘Failed to Download Supervised Settings’ in Fortnite?

If you have been playing Fortnite a lot lately, chances are you have come across the ‘failed to download supervised settings’ issue. It is one of the annoyingly persistent issues that has been keeping us away from the game with little to no explanation from the developers.

The game doesn’t explain what the error “failed to download supervised settings” really means, so it’s understandably puzzling. While there is no guidebook to fixing it, a few simple methods can do the trick.

How to Fix ‘Failed to Download Supervised Settings’ in Fortnite?

Regardless of what console or PC you are playing on, restarting it might fix any underlying network issues that might be keeping the game from connecting to the necessary servers. Shut down your console, wait for a while, check the cables, and try again.

Reset your internet connection by shutting off your modem and leaving it that way for a short while. Check the game once more after plugging it back in and allowing it to restart. Make sure no firewall is interrupting your network connection behind the scenes beforehand.

Wait for a while to see if the issue has been from the side of EPIC which tends to get resolved sooner rather than later.

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