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League of Legends Faker Ahri Bundle is ‘Breaking Consumer Protection Law’, Brazilian Players Claim

Brazilian Players Cry Foul Over Exclusive Bundle Tactics

Within the short span of time since its release, the League of Legends Faker Ahri bundle has repeatedly found itself amid the center of controversy as the game’s player base has called out Riot Games for setting ridiculously high price tags on LoL cosmetics.

Recently, Brazilian LoL players have further alleged that the Immortalized Legend Collection might be violating the country’s consumer protection laws, as Riot is selling the Ahri skin exclusively as part of a large bundle.

In a Reddit thread made on June 13th, user ‘Macaulyn’ explains that “[The Ahri skin bundle parts] are not available [separately], despite Riot having always kept the law of Venda Casada in mind when selling bundles in Brazil.”

Other Redditors in the thread were swift to point out that a similar situation happened in Overwatch 2 back in October 2022, when Blizzard sold certain items as part of a Halloween bundle. Later, the company enabled players to buy the contents of all the bundles in the game individually through the in-game store.

Many Brazilian LoL players have reported this issue to PROCON, the country’s consumer protection agency, hoping that Riot will allow them to purchase individual items from the Immortalized Legend Collection without having to spend such a large sum on the entire bundle.

Whether the reports to PROCON lead to any changes in the sale of the bundle’s contents remains to be seen.

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