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League of Legends Adds New ‘Mega RP Bundles’ Alongside Controversial Ahri Skin

New Skin Tier Sparks Debate About Price and Value in League of Legends

Riot Games has added two new RP bundles in League of Legends to accommodate for the release of their new Hall of Legends Ahri skin, and fans of the title are not happy.

The new RP bundles, which cost $244.99 and $429.99, offer the players 33,500 RP and 60,200 RP respectively. For the uninitiated, the newly introduced Signature Immortalized Legend Collection Ahri bundle costs a whopping 59,260 RP, which means that you’ll need to buy the latter bundle if you’re looking to get it.

League of Legends fans from throughout the globe have expressed their frustration at Riot’s decision to add these bundles to the game’s store, with some players calling it “borderline illegal” while others have accused Riot of having “0 shame.”

In a form of protest, a portion of the LoL player base has encouraged the community to keep banning Ahri from all their games.

With the League of Legends devs introducing a new skin tier exclusively for Ahri, it’s likely that this is just the beginning. This move hints at a future trend where Riot Games may choose to focus more on premium cosmetics aimed at the most dedicated “whales” of the game.

However, in light of the community outrage over the Ahri bundle, it wouldn’t be surprising if Riot chooses to cut down on the prices of similar skins moving forward.

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