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How to Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing in Fortnite?

As it might affect your chances of surviving and winning a match, landing in Fortnite can be a significant aspect of the game. You must decide where to land on the island, which is separated into many named sites and landmarks when you first jump out of the Battle Bus. However, Fortnite has introduced a weekly challenge where you have to enter a vehicle within 30 seconds of landing. In this article, we will explain how you can complete the challenge.

As soon as you land, you must immediately begin looting the surroundings for materials, weapons, and ammunition in order to live and progress in the game. Additionally, you will need to keep an eye out for other players who might be landing close and trying to take you out.

How to Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing in Fortnite?

To complete this Weekly Challenge, you must first land at a Landmark called King’s Launch or Royale Ruin, which can be somewhat difficult to locate. However, both of these Landmarks have vehicle spawn points that make them easier to find. To find these Landmarks, simply follow the road heading south from Breakwater Bay.

When landing at King’s Launch or Royale Ruin, keep an eye out for the Dirt Bike. If you can’t spot it, look for the nearest vehicle and enter it to complete the Challenge. Once you’ve completed this task, you can move on to the next Challenge, which involves scoring Trick Points on a bike. To do this, simply locate the Dirt Bike and start performing Tricks to score points.

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