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How to Complete Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge?

Would you be interested in participating in the Creative Builders challenge and earning some free in-game rewards in Fortnite? This article contains the step-by-step guide you need. Keep reading till the end!

How to Complete Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge?

In the Fortnite Creative Builders challenge, influencers collaborate with map builders to design maps based on a theme chosen by players through voting. The voting period runs until April 20, while the influencers have until May 12 to finish their creations. These are the available themes: Neon Lights, Cherry Blossom Trees, Fantastical Creatures, Bamboo, Katanas, and Dojo. By casting their vote for a theme and selecting their preferred map after the influencers have finished it, players can earn free rewards.

To get started with the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge, visit the website and log in using your Epic Games account. Upon signing up through this platform, you can cast your vote for the challenge theme and receive a cuddle cube reward in-game. After the winning theme is determined, the influencers will collaborate with creators to design maps within 12 days. You can play all of the maps using the island codes provided and vote for your favorite, earning lil’ sweeties as a reward. The winner of the Creative Builders Challenge will be announced on May 13th.

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