How to convert your Rainbow Six Siege’s sensitivity to Valorant

Left R6 Siege for Valorant? No worries, we got your back!

Photo: Paploo968

With Riot finally bringing its famous first person tactical shooter out of its closed beta access, we have been witnessing a major part of the community shifting tides from their old interests. Players across various FPS titles like Valve’ CS:GO and Tom Clancy’s R6 Siege have already joined forces at Valorant in a bid to re-define their area of expertise where they might pursue it as their career as well.

Transitioning to a brand new FPS game might have some barriers to hop across but they can sometimes be perfectly dodged if you get the right motivation to face it along with some perfectly tuned in-game settings. Keeping tabs on the latter might definitely help you to get in the driver’s seat whenever you would engage yourself in some duels. Engaging in aim battles would help you and your team as well to gain an upper hand if you choose to slay your enemies along with being an informant where you can watch your team’s six and cancel out the lurk.

For these aspects to be on point, you must guarantee you mouse sensitivity settings to be thoroughly tuned as it would totally help you to simulate your Field of View (FOV) with some inhuman reflexes (in-game ofcourse).

Upon the launch of Valorant, many players did struggle upon entering the game where they had a tough time to set their crosshairs and edit their settings. You finally need not worry about this as North American Organization Cloud9’s Professional Apex player Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore seems to have figured out a solution for this dilemma. On his Twitter ), he did post a conversion chart for every FPS Player where they can do the desired math in order to calculate their sensitivity for Valorant.

According to PVPX, you would have to divide your current R6 Siege Sensitivity by the number 12.2. 6Siege does sport two kinds of the same ie the Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity and you would have to tweak both the settings in order to get a perfect match while competing at Valorant.

For Eg, if your Horizontal sensitivity is 30 and vertical is 25 and then you would have to divide these parameters each with 1.2 which would provide you with 2.45 and 2.04 respectively. Now you would have to choose a parameter from the range of 2.45 to 2.04 which will help you to get back your old aiming ability powered by a perfect sensitivity.

If you’re looking to transition from other FPS titles, here is the conversion chart for the same.

Credits to Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore for helping us out for these simulations and we are really thankful for the same. Cheers.