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PUBG Mobile India official relaxes cutoff for PMIS 2020 online qualifiers

The results of PMIS 2020 in-game qualifiers were announced on 5th June 2020. 248 teams were selected to play in the in-game qualifiers. However, PUBG mobile india faced a backlash from the gamers after the results. Players alleged teams with lower kill scores than them has been qualified but they have been eliminated. This resulted in the players demanding transparency in the results. 

After the controversy, PUBG mobile india has decided to to increase the number of qualified teams for online qualifiers from 248 to 992. Earlier, 64 teams out of 248 qualified teams were to be selected for quarter finals. However, the officials will now change the format of the tournament to accomodate all 992 teams. PUBG mobile india official posted a message to the players on the social media platforms to announce this.

Photo: PUBG Mobile India

However, it is still not clear when we will get the new list of the qualified teams. PUBG mobile India said that they will release the new list of qualified teams and format changes soon. 

PMIS 2020 is the best stage for new underrated teams to prove what they are capable of. They can prove their worth in this tournament by playing against big guns of PUBG mobile india community. This news is a delight for those teams that did not qualify for online qualifiers earlier.

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