How to connect your controller in COD Mobile

Activision has brought back the controller support for playing their famous title Call of Duty: Mobile using any official supported controller. Currently, players can use DualShock PS4 controllers[Except first gen.] and Xbox One controllers to play COD Mobile but some of the features are still capped.

This feature of operating COD Mobile using a controller was first introduced when the game was launched in October 2019 but it was removed without any complete explanation within a month. Since then, Activision did not state any reasons for over a year and has added it back without much commotion as well.

Any player who owns a controller can now enjoy MP and BR matches using the controller but it will not support operations while outside of the matches. Players will need to manually select the modes or loadouts or any other options in the game and the controller will only work when one enters matches.

How to use controller in COD Mobile

Steps to connect controller in COD Mobile

Using a controller is very easy. You just need to pair the controller with mobile device using Bluetooth and then enable a single toggle to gain access to the game using a controller. Follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Launch COD Mobile and go to settings.
  • Go to Controller section and enable the first toggle to use controller.
  • Connect your controller to the mobile device and then click on “connect” button. The connection status will be verified and you will be able to access the game using the external device.
  • You can also change setting configuration for different buttons under the same section. Select a combination you are comfortable in and jump in to the games.

This is a simple method though which you can use the controllers to play COD Mobile. If you have a wired connection, follow the same steps and instead of using Bluetooth, just plug in the cord. Remember that many functions in the in-game lobby cannot be accessed using a controller so use your phone when necessary.