How to Change Name in League of Legends?

Players are always requested to choose a Username and a Summoner name when they download League of Legends. Notably, the username is the name used to log in, and no one other than the player has access to or visibility of it. Changing a username in League of Legends might be a pain, but changing the Summoner Name is straightforward.

Riot Games changed its account system in 2019 and prompted players to alter their usernames. The fact that Riot introduced a worldwide, universal log-in mechanism meant that duplicate usernames could not exist, which is why the usernames were unlinked and Riot sent out emails requesting gamers to reset them to unique ones.

What are Summoner Names and how do I alter mine in League of Legends?

We already know that the username is the name that appears in your credentials. The Summoner Name is the unique name that is publicly shown to your friends and all other League of Legends players.

While you can’t continually changing your username to keep up with the latest trend, you can certainly keep up with it by changing your in-game name, commonly known as the summoner name.

Changing the Summoner Name is easy and can be done through the client, however it comes with a cost. To alter them, players must follow the steps outlined below.

1. Log into League of Legends with your credentials.

2. Once the client opens, navigate to the Store page.

3. Look for an option labelled Account on the right side of the interface, below the Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE) trackers.

4. Go to Account and select “Summoner Name Change,” which should be unlocked.

5. Players can replace their summoner names for either 1300 RP or 13900 BE.

6. Players can verify if their desired name is available before spending the money, and then go for it.

What is the best way to change Summoner Name for free?

Riot Games normally makes an exception if players want to make small modifications to their summoner names, like as capitalising them or adding or deleting spaces. Players can submit a ticket on the League of Legends website. Players must open a Riot support ticket with the subject “SUBJECT: Summoner Name Change” in the subject line.