Hitman 3

The Hitman series is all about exploring the world to get to your target, throughout your journey you might have encountered blocked pathways or interesting safety boxes that are locked behind codes. Unlocking these will present you with more opportunities and paths that will help you assassinate your target. Worry not as we have the codes right here to help you with your murderous quest.

Hitman 3 Dubai codes

Ground Floor: Staff & Atrium door code 4706

2nd & 3rd Floor: Safe code 6927

5th Floor: Safe code 7465

Dartmoor codes

2nd Floor: Safe code 1975.

Chongqing codes 

Ground Floor: ICA entrance door code 0118

2nd Floor: ICA entrance door code 0118

1st Floor: Laundromat door code 0118

4th Floor: Lab door code 2552.

5th Floor: Therapy Room code 2552.

Basement: Arcade door code 2552.

Mendoza codes

Ground Floor: Laser System door code 1945

Basement: Villa safe code 2006

Carpathian Mountains code 

Ground Floor: Starting door code 1979