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Minecraft: Dream opens up about #dreamwaswrong drama

Minecraft star dream has finally opened up, respoiniding to the #dreamwaswring trend on Twitter, and defending himself countless accusations inspiring his fans to create inappropriate content that includes minors.

Dream’s newfound fame was off the back of Minecraft, and collaboration with the mainstream entertainment industry. Just like Corpse Husband, he was able to roll with the big boys of YouTube without a face cam, with purely entertaining content. Given his involvement in multiple controversies previously, he wouldn’t mind getting into one more to defend himself.

His fans were certain of the fact that dream was comfortable with” CP” and made it the reason behind why they were creating inappropriate fan art with minors involved. However, Dream says otherwise and feels disgusted for the fact that minors are getting dragged into NFSW content. He goes on and says that in none of his videos, had he ever encouraged CP nor he is fond of his stans using him to shield themselves.

In response to the trending hashtag, he said “I’ve said this before but don’t ship creators that are uncomfortable with it, and especially not minors. It’s disgusting to draw NSFW stuff about minors or anyone that hasn’t explicitly said it’s fine.”

He further goes on to take a hit on his subscribers, saying among the millions of them, some are terrible and same ones are spreading hate. “With 16 million subscribers that’s 1 out of every 480 people IN THE WORLD that are subscribed. There’s bound to be thousands of terrible people, but there’s also bound to be millions of great ones. If you’re looking for hate or disgusting stuff, you’ll find it. Stop looking” read his following Tweet.

However, the debate as of now is at a stalemate as many fans suggest Dream has encouraged “CP” while others defended him through older videos where he averts it. Thus more statements are expected from the Minecraft star where he should address the mentions of “CP” in his early videos. Whatever way we look at it, “CP” is a criminal offense and Dream might be looking at jail time if he has deeper involvement with such things.

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